RTG is also known as Real Time Gaming. It is a very popular online casino software provider. It was developed in the year 1998. Online Gaming Software has listed this software provider in the list of top five on many occasions.

Management Tools of RTG

Real Time gaming is extremely popular amongst its operator. With the help of RTG, casino operators get to enjoy more independence and freedom as compared to what many of the other casino software providers have on offer. There are a number of online casinos using RTG. However, this by no means states that the payout of all these casinos would be the same. Every casino would offer a unique payout to the players. Hence, it is important that every single player goes through the payout details before opting to play.

One of the highlights of RTG is the fact that all the casinos using it tend to look different. This is not the case with other casino software providers. All of their casinos tend to look the same. Despite the emergence of UIGEA law, RTG casinos go ahead and give a green signal to customers residing in the United States of America. The back end management of RTG is such that it does not interfere with the overall running of the casino. It allows the operators of the casinos to handle the running.

Real Time Gaming Casino Software

‘Taking Gaming Seriously’ is the motto of RTG. The outstanding realistic graphics that they have on offer certainly go a long way in justifying the motto. Even the craps dice looks very real. This is mainly because RTG makes use of a physics algorithm. The craps dice rolls in such a manner that it looks exactly like the real one. Also, RTG gets downloaded on the computer at a brisk pace as compared to most of its competitors. Not just the download speed, but even the playing speed is lightening fast, thus making RTG very unique.

RTG is not only good for the casinos and its features, but for the players as well. RTG based online casinos tend to offer more variety when it comes to games. A player is also able to play two or more games at the same time. This can be done by using the mini screen option.

Real Time gaming Games Suite

Ever since its inception, RTG is known to focus more on slot games. Out of the 110 games that they have on offer, 70 are slot games. Some of the best progressive games, video poker games, special games, card games as well as table games are available. RTG has as many as 20 video poker variations. Its progressive games are very popular as they offer some of the biggest jackpot amounts.

RTG slot games consist of video slots, classic slots, real stories slots as well as progressive slots. Out of all, real stories RTG slots are extremely well known for some of their amazing features.