What is No Deposit Poker?

No deposit poker is a no deposit bonus that can be used to play poker. A no deposit bonus is a free money bonus that is awarded to new players without them having to make a deposit into their online poker room or casino account. Online casinos and poker rooms use bonuses and promotions all the time to attract new customers to their sites. These are some of the techniques that they use in order to distinguish themselves from one another in a day and age when there are so many online casinos and poker rooms available on the Internet.

No deposit bonuses are particularly popular as they pose no risk to the customer. You are essentially able to use the casino’s money in order to trial the casino, the software and the specific poker games that interest you. The casino hopes that once you have trialed the software, you will be impressed enough to sign up to play for real money. In the meantime, however, you are able to play with the no deposit bonus and to improve you skills and strategies in the poker game of you choice. You may even be able to add to your bankroll.

No Deposit Poker Bonuses

The no deposit bonuses are fixed money amounts. If you access the bonus through a third party service you will be awarded higher amounts than if you access the bonus directly from the online poker room. From the poker room, these deposits are often in the region of $10, though you may find higher ones. Through a third party service, these can range from around $50 to $150.

Which No Deposit Poker Room to Play in?

You must try not to get carried away completely by the no deposit poker bonus that is offered. While it is an excellent bonus with no immediate monetary risk to you, there are other things to take into account at a poker room. You may want to look at what other bonuses and promotions they offer as these are a way to entice you to stay with them. Also, make sure to look carefully at the wagering requirements for their no deposit bonus.

Every bonus at every online poker room has wagering requirements. These are rules associated with the bonus, particularly in terms of how much you need to bet before you can withdraw the winnings of your bonus. You may find that it will be particularly difficult to be able to access the winnings from your bonus. However, with a no deposit bonus, it may still be worth it in order to be able to trial the games and software.

How to Claim your No Deposit Bonus

In most cases you simply need to open an online poker room account, confirm your details and request the no deposit bonus. Some sites may require you enter in a no deposit bonus code. These are simple to find, but must be entered exactly as they are written (including capital letters). You will be credited with the money and can begin playing.